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The Hellenic Association of the Directors of Sciences Laboratory Center (PANEKFE) is the scientific association that organizes the 12th European Science Olympiad (EUSO 2014) in Athens. The main objective of PANEKFE is to promote experimental practice in the teaching of science in Elementary, Middle and High School. For this reason, organizes lectures, workshops, symposia, seminars, conferences, workshops, publications (print and electronic) and all kinds of activities with science and research content. The most important activity is the annual organization National Laboratory competition for the selection of the three-member student teams representing Greece in the competition of the European Science Olympiad.

Eugenides Foundation

The Eugenides Foundation was established in 1956 as a non-profit-making legal entity in private law. Its purpose was to implement the wishes expressed in the last testament of the late Eugenios Eugenides, a benefactor of the Greek nation. Registered and based in Athens, its founding charter states that its objective is to contribute to the education of young Greeks in science and technology.

The Foundation is administered by a board of three members, one of whom is always the serving Chancellor of the National Technical University of Athens. In recognition of its multi-faceted contribution to Greek society the Foundation was awarded the Gold Medal of the Athens Academy in December 1965.

National Technical University of Athens / School of Chemical Engineering

The National Technical University (NTUA) is the oldest and most prestigious educational institution of Greece in the field of technology, and has contributed unceasingly to the country’s scientific, technical and economic development since its foundation in 1836. It is closely linked with Greece’s struggle for independence, democracy and social progress. In Greek, NTUA is called the “Ethnicon Metsovion Polytechnion” which stands for National Metsovion Polytechnic. It was named “Metsovion” to honor the donors and benefactors Nikolaos Stournaris, Eleni Tositsa, Michail Tositsas and Georgios Averof, all from Metsovo, a small town in the region of Epirus, who made substantial donations in the last half of the 19th century. NTUA is divided into nine academic Schools, eight being for the engineering sciences, including architecture, and one for the general sciences. The personnel of the nine Faculties include more than 700 people as academic staff, 140 scientific assistants and 260 administrative and technical staff. The total number of NTUA employees is about 1350. The total number of undergraduate students is about 8500 and the graduate students 1500.

The School of Chemical Engineering, aims at training Engineers who will meet the present and future needs of the Country, as well as at developing their capability for original research, in order to provide answers to the problems of development in an international framework. Therefore, the Department tries to enrich the courses it offers with the most updated knowledge in Chemical Engineering, and with state-of-the-art solutions to industrial problems. Social and environmental problems are dealt with as integral parts of the Engineering Curriculum, and the optimal solutions to technical problems are always presented and judged with reference to such considerations. Furthermore, the development of the students personality is actively pursued, in order to make them appreciate the problems of Greece and the World at large, and to become responsible citizens and scientists, advising State and Industry on subjects of their scientific and technical competence.

Director: Mr. Kostas Kampouris President of PANEKFE

Vice Director: Prof. Konstantinos Manafis, Eugenides Foundation

Vise Director and Organisation Head: Mr. Dimitris Notaras, EUSO

Secretary General: Mr. George Tountoulidis, PANEKFE

Cashier: Dr. Christos Dedes, PANEKFE

Leader of Countries Delegations Guides: Dr. Georgia Papageorgaki

Graphics, Website & Social Media Administrator: Mr. Vasileios Garganourakis, PANEKFE


Prof. Stilianos Liodakis, National Technical University of Athens, School of Chemical Engineering

Mr. George Chalkiopoulos, Greece Country Coordinator

Dr. Sotiris Glavas, Ministry of Education

Mr. Pothitos Pappous, Eugenides Foundation

Mr. Panagiotis Aximastos, Eugenides Foundation

Chairman of the Scientific committee: Dr. Stilianos Liodakis, Professor in Chemistry, National Technical University of Athens, School of Chemical Engineering, Labs of Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry.

Biology team

Head of Biology team: Dr. Fragiskos N. Kolisis Professor in Enzyme Technology, Laboratory of Biotechnology,School of Chemical Engineering, National Technical University of Athens.

Coordinator: Mr. George Chalkiopoulos, M.Sc Biologist, EUSO C. Coordinator.

Mrs. Eleni Lianantonaki, Biologist, Teacher in Secondary Education, Assistant in the 1st Science Laboratory Center of the Secondary Education Administration of East Attica.

Dr. Maria Vassilopoulou, Biologist, School Advisor teacher in Science

Dr. Eleytherhia Fanouraki, Biologist, Coordinator of the 1st Science Laboratory Center of the Secondary Education Administration of Heraklion Crete.

Dr. Ioannis Smyrnias, Biologist, Postdoctoral Research Associate in Cardiovascular Division, King’s College London.

Maria G. Savvidou, MSc, PhD candidate in Biotechnology at the National Technical University of Athens, School of Chemical Engineering.

Chemistry team

Head of the chemistry team: Dr. Avraam Mavropoulos, M.Ed. Chemist, School Advisor teacher in Science.

Coordinator: Dr. Konstantinos Kordatos, Assistant Professor in Chemistry, National Technical University of Athens, School of Chemical Engineering, Labs of Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry.

Dr. George Katsigiannis, Chemist, School Advisor teacher in Science.

Mrs. Polina Dimitra Nakou, MSc Chemist, Chemistry teacher at Geitonas school.

Mrs. Feny Antonopoulou, MScChemist, Head of Science in I.B. school.

Physics team

Head of the physics team:Prof. Manolis Dris, Professor Emeritus Experimental High Energy Physics, National Technical University of Athens.

Coordinator: Dr. Kostas Papamichalis, Physicist, Coordinator of the 1st Science Laboratory Center of the Secondary Education Administration of East Attica.

Mr. Ioannis Gatsios, Physicist, former Coordinator of the Science Laboratory Center of the 4th Secondary Education Administration of Athens

Mr.Panos Mourouzis, Msc Physicist, Coordinator of the Science Laboratory Center of the Secondary Education Administration of Kerkira.

Mr. Christos Papanikolaou, MSc Physicist, Teacher in Secondary Education, Athens College.


Sotiris Mandiliotis
Dimitris Aivaliotis
Garifalia Sakelariou
Maria Karkana
Kaliopi Konstandinidou
Alina Pantazi
Kiriaki Saraga
Maria Founta
Anna Rigou
Konstantina Mathioudaki
Eleytherhia Argirou


Eleni Paloubi
Anastasia Gigoudi
Vasileios Agellopoulos
Spiros Pagalos
Afroditi Ntziouni
Christina – Amalia Drosou
Eleni Katsika
Ioannis Lentzos
Liana Charalampaki
Ioanna Karaxaliou
Sokratis Mosxovitis
Asteriona-Maria Netso
Nikos Papadimitropoulos
Labrini-Areti Tsakanika
Angela Zosima
Androniki Tsakounaki
Efi Loukeri


Ioannis Christakopoulos
Thanos Karoutis
Theo Pierratos
Maria Tsakiri
George Zisimopoulos
Nikos Kagiaras
Thanos Velentzas
Sotiris Dosis
Antreas Patsis
Ioannis Thanos
Ilias Mauromatidis
Dimitris Triantafillou
Kostas Morakis
Merkouris Panagiotopoulos
Eugenia Tsitopoulou
Panagiotis Pappas
Giannis Giapitzakis
Ilias Moraitakis
Dimitris Nakos

{tab Volunteers}

Guides of Delegations

Anastasia Dima – The Netherlands
Antigoni Sambatakaki – Portugal
Artemis Semenoglou – Slovakia
Christos Thomatos – Latvia
Danai Sykara – Denmark
Eleni Neoptolemou – Belgium
Fani Zoumpou – Bulgaria
Filianna Tanti – Luxembourg
Georgia Papanikolaou – Hungary
Ismini Papadopoulou – Lithuania
Konstantina Amygdala – Italy
Maria Koulouri – Ireland
Nayia Tsitoura – Finland
Nefeli Tsakanika – Spain
Nikos Papanikolaou – Slovenia
Panagiota Menounou – Cyprus
Panos Papadopoulos – Czech Republic
Stavroula Kostaki – Austria
Thodoris Bizbianos – Sweden
Victor Vassilopoulos – France
Dimitris Paparis – Greece
Dimitris Tselifis – Germany
Ivana Paparizou – Romania
Maria Theodoropoulou – Croatia
Maria Vlavaki – Estonia

Volunteers for social and other activities

Vasiliki Tassopoulou
Eirini Pappa
Aigly Kyriakou
Eleftheria Chaireti
Gioula Pavli
Eleni Oikonomopoulou
Angeliki Filippatou

Workshops Leaders

Greek Dances: Margarita Kampouri
Greek Songs: Antigoni Sampatakaki
Greek Cooking: Maria Koulouri
Theatre: Vasiliki Tassopoulou
Photography: Christos Karystinos


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